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The author of this blog is Vivek Venkataraman, a PhD student in the Quantum and Nonlinear Photonics group of Prof. Alexander Gaeta at Cornell University. This is his humble attempt to convey new and exciting developments in the world of science.

Here are my articles in the Cornell University news publications –

Bethe lecturer: We may be close to knowing if there are more dimensions,” Cornell Chronicle, May 4, 2012.

Scientists celebrate beauty of light with bubbles, fireflies,” Cornell Chronicle, April 23, 2012.

Black holes won’t suck us in, can be source of brightest lights, says expert,” Cornell Chronicle, March 19, 2012.

What drives honeybees and humans to explore is curiously similar, study finds,” Cornell Chronicle, March 12, 2012.

Study: Honeycomb structure responsible for bacteria’s extraordinary sense,” Cornell Chronicle, February 20, 2012.

Terzian lecturer presents Hubble telescope’s top discoveries,” Cornell Chronicle, November 17, 2011.

Switching light on and off — with just a few photons,” Cornell Chronicle, November 8, 2011.

Nobel laureate explains putting the squeeze on hydrogen,” Cornell Chronicle, October 13, 2011.

Bethe lecturer: Physics shows how global warming has been 200 years in the making,” Cornell Chronicle, September 30, 2011.

Scientists aim to discover new physics at LHC,” Cornell Daily Sun, September 28, 2011.

Student teams show off nano-satellites, unmanned aircraft,” Cornell Chronicle, September 19, 2011.

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  1. J.Prabha permalink

    Hey thanks for sharing the website on google chat status .. I read the two articles on Statistics .. Its vital to take interest on new developments .. and very nice that ur blog is arousing and generating an interest on the same ..

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